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Lakes, Landrovers and interesting requests.

Coniston Water, Lake District, Cumbria

Had the chance to get away at the weekend to explore the Lake District with some fellow Land Rover enthusiasts. Interesting contrast in the weather - Friday and Saturday were glorious as we have come to expect this summer but Sunday was a different story. We drove over Hardknott and Wrynose passes - the steepest road in England - in what can only be described as a monsoon. With all the water running down the road it was like driving up a fast-flowing stream. There were other cars wheel-spinning and sliding while our convoy of landies carried on as if we were driving a slight incline in the dry. It does make you appreciate not just what a brilliant piece of engineeering the Land Rover is, but also just how comfortable and luxurious the Discovery in particular is. No wonder our customers love them!

Landies in theLakes

Speaking of customers, we have had some interesting requests. Our latest tour was for some New Yorkers who wanted to see "some of the towns and cities" in North Cornwall! After discussing the different meanings of English and American English it turned out they were big fans of Doc Martin so Port Isaac was a big part of the agenda, along with Port Quin, Port Gaverne, Boscastle and Tintagel - slightly different to initial expectations but a great time was had by all. Meanwhile we've been asked to plan a cider and wine tour with a dog-friendly pub lunch stop factored in - looking forward to that one. We've also been asked to put together a tour for a group of gentlemen who have been friends for years, since they studied Engineering at university. They want something with an engineering bent with local experts to talk them through the Cornish mining industry. Their wives and partners are included,, and they want coffee and cake stops every couple of hours! It will be a bit of a challenge putting that one together but that is our ethos - talk to the guests ahead of time and plan a tour that is personal to them. Makes a change from Poldark (although we loving doing those as well!).

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