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We will still be here!

The business is effectively shut down at the moment. No complaints, only right and proper in the present situation. However, this does leave me with lots of time but little income. So what to do? Over the past 12 months we have had a number of bookings from clients, particularly from the USA, who have family roots in Cornwall. For a number of them, we have been able to do some research into their family history with some marvelous results. You cannot over-estimate the joy on a person's face when you not only present them with a family tree going back several generations but are also able to take them to the places where their relatives lived, worked or were married. We have even managed to trace family burials and take them to see family memorials that they knew nothing about! Being an ex-cop and also a History graduate, I find the research and tracking people down a real pleasure and am lucky enough not only to have a wonderful resource in Kresen Kernow , the Cornish records office, but also the assistance of the terrific Elizabeth Dale, writer of the Cornish Bird Blog .

If you are coming to Cornwall when this is all over and want to trace your family roots why not get in touch? No charge for doing the research - all we ask is a commitment to tour with us in the future to explore what we find. No deposit required or specific dates booked - we will share the results with you when you arrive.

On the income front I have good local knowledge, good driving and organising skills and we need to keep food and essentials getting to those who need them - so I have applied for a temporary contract as a home delivery driver with a well-known supermarket chain. Let's see what happens!

Stay safe out there.

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